Costa Rica sunglasses becomes title sponsor of FLW series

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FLW announced here today, the two sides have signed Costa Rica sunglasses as the title sponsor of FLW series event. Here is their full release details this morning:
FLW announced today that they have worked with Costa Rica del Mar, the leading manufacturer of performance sunglasses sponsorship deal. Today, Costa Rica will bear the FLW series, recently released free application fee title and lakes to 2016 the impressive schedule in terms of the increased rewards did not disclose sponsorship.
In addition to their title sponsor, Costa Rica will also get exposure on all the chrome hearts clothing sale, which included more than 235 tournaments and fairs, Web sites, social media, FLW bass fishing magazines, and Emmy-nominated “FLW” television program is broadcast-definition high (HD) over 564 million households around the world.
“FLW is honored to be directly associated with one of the most recognized and sought after brands in the outdoors,” marketing cuixibuleike President of FLW. “FLW and Costa Rica Del Mar is positioned to be the industry’s most powerful sponsorship Alliance with Costa Rica’s long-term commitment as title sponsor of FLW series. ”
2016 Costa Rica FLW series will include five divisions-the Central, Northern, Southeast, Southwest and West. Departments including three seasons in the qualifying rounds of the table Rock Lake Branson, Missouri no entry fees to the final of the Championship in November. According to the end in 2016, FLW series tournament, a total of 11 advantages of FLW series will qualify for the 2017 aganmu cup chances of winning the biggest payday in the chrome hearts clothing sale.
“These fish are some of the best up and coming bass fishermen there, it will be exciting to see their performance in each event,” Al Perkinson, Costa Rica’s Vice President of marketing, said. “We look forward to growing FLW and bass fishing communities the relationship as a whole. ”
2016 Costa Rica FLW series next week, Okeechobee, Florida kicked off January 14 to 16th in Lake Okeechobee.

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